5 Everyday Acts that Will Keep You from Growing

Every day, many of us take the easy way out. We make excuses. Stay in the comfortable. But in reality, most of the shit that happens to us is self-inflicted. Here are 5 things you probably do every day that are keeping you from soaring.

5 Everyday Acts that Will Keep You from Growing

  1. Worship of Others.

Worshipping people immediately puts them above you. You’re implying they have something you don’t, and they’re better for it.

Don’t worship celebrities. Don’t worship superheroes. Do not put anyone on a pedestal. Do not put someone’s value above your own.

  1. Acting on Emotion.

Emotions are messy. They cloud judgment. They take over logic. They make us do things we regret later, and render us helpless within their chokehold.

Control them at work. In business. With strangers. Save that shit for only the most private of settings.

5 Everyday Acts that Will Keep You from Growing

  1. Not Writing Things Down.

I’m not the first to say that journaling is a life hack, and I won’t be the last.

You got to get all that shit in your head out unto paper. It’s a cleansing ritual. All that clutter can be organized when you put pen-to-paper.

  1. Inconsistency.

Both in business and in private life, your inconsistency is a reflection of not only your character, but also self-worth. You’re saying that you’re not good enough to show up every day.

Can’t show up half the time and expect full results. Every fucking day.

  1. An Unhealthy Environment.

The people you surround yourself with. The food you eat. The habits of everyday life. All make up your environment.

If you eat shit, surround yourself with shit, and treat your body like shit—-then surprise, surprise—-you will feel like shit.

Don’t be the reason you’re not growing. Every day, you have a choice to reset your life, and become an unrecognizable, resilient version of your old self.

Warrior up.

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